Rainwater Catchment System For Individual Houses

Nowadays, rainwater-harvesting techniques play a paramount role in both urban and rural areas. This plan has been used from the ancient time to store the rainwater for future use. As well as, this technique has been highly used in the areas where the rainwater is considered as the major source of freshwater. The rainwater harvesting systems have been achieved in the form of small ponds, temple tanks, house tanks, etc.
Nowadays, peoples have plenty of awareness of the rainwater harvesting method, so they have decided to set up the harvesting method for the house. Catching of rainwater will minimize your water bills at a greater level. Let see some of the important facts and methods of rainwater harvesting in Bangalore:

Parts Required To Catch Rainwater:

The parts needed to catch the rainwater is depends upon the scale and size of your system. They are mentioned below:
Storage Tank:
Initially, you have to buy a good storage tank in accordance with your needs. In most of the rural areas, peoples have decided to build the storage tanks above ground. The frequent maintenance needed for the storage tanks such as cleaning and disinfection. It will help you to store the good quality of water without any contaminations.

In these days, the rainwater harvesting in Bangalore has been done at a huge level for storing the maximum amount of rainwater. By using gravity, the rainwater would be collected from the catchment to the harvesting system. In these processes, the PVC pipes are commonly used for their high durability and affordable price.

The term catchment is the area where the rainwater is directly received to the storage tank. In most of the buildings, the corrugated sheets and roofs made of RCC (reinforced cement concrete) are used as the catchment area. The slope like structure is needed for transporting the rainwater from the roof to pipes that send the water to collecting tanks. The outlets should be covered with a mesh for avoiding the small stones and some other debris to enter into the RWS system.


Most of the corrugated roofs are slope like structure, so the gutters have been attached at the edges for collecting the rainwater drained from the sloped roof. The gutters are manufactured by using the PVC pipes, iron, aluminum sheets or Bamboo that is highly economical. When compared with other materials, the PVC pipes are highly durable used to design the circular or rectangular cross-section gutters. solar company in Bangalore

Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting Method:

Even though there is a wide range of water sources are available, the rainwater is the best one. It will offer a lot of benefits to the people, some of them are given below:

  • The rainwater harvesting methods are simple to construct, easy to operate and maintain. Apart from that, you need not spend high costs for this setup.
  • It saves the groundwater level effectively and minimizes soil erosion.
  • The people can able to reduce the usage of groundwater by using the potable water that can be available even during the floods, droughts, etc.
  • Make use of this information, if you want to want to know about the requirements and benefits of rainwater harvesting system. solar water heater in bangalore

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Are SEO Expert In India making enough?

A search engine optimisation expert is a job to analyse and review websites and their incoming links in order to provide expert advise, guidance and recommendations for their business website. But now keeping the 21st century business market  of India keeping in mind, the responsibilities and duties of a freelance SEO Expert in India have increased and now they have to really step up their game to be the best in the market and make enough money for themselves.

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Best massage therapies in Bangalore

One of the simple ways to relax you is a full body massage. Generally it is not a very simple task to choose the kind of massage that is best for you. Massage specialists typically concentrate either on a focused or full body massage. It is important for you to select the best massage as per your requirements. There are many people who love to get a full body massage service.

Full body massage

There are so many centers of massage in Bangalore you can find where you can get the best massage services for you. On a particular piece of the body directed treatments concentrate that needs rubbing. These frequently ranges trigger focuses. When they are legitimately massages they discharge in your muscles any developed bunches. In different ranges of the body it can activate agony and distress. This kind of massage is generally not for the diminishing torment. It makes the whole body of your to be more advantageous from the back to front. On the cranial sacral region of the body there is concentrated by another massage treatment strategy. With a particular range of distress directed massage treatment is ideal for anybody. These types of massages are exceptionally delicate.

Body to body massage

Generally a body to body massage is a full body massage combination using your hands as well as it is a massage using your body. For the body to body massage you can use the different parts of your body and get very creative. The idea of a massage is not the new one. For many generations the massage techniques have been used as a way of relaxing. You can find the best body to body massage in Bangalore.

Body massage history

Body massage is actually a timeless healer. It has survived many generations and centuries as the most effective healing ways for physical illness as well as mental illness. Massage therapy can be able to balance the energy of your body and it can also distribute it in a productive and healthy manner. Around for more than 3000 years history shows that massage has been used as a healing therapy. You can get relief from pain if a good body massage is done by an experienced practitioner and you will enjoy the peaceful life. To a healthy body and mind it has become an important dynamic. To optimize your body’s functions it can provide you with good energy. Like other areas in the world you can also get the best full body massage in Bangalore.

The benefits of massage

Massage can be used generously for stimulation, relaxation, or rehabilitation of the whole body or even just part of it. From many cultures the technique of massage is derived. Massage therapy can be used for different reasons such as communication, touch, comfort, and a safe harmless natural therapy. To a good massage treatment there are so many benefits such as soothing, comforting, physiological. Different types of massages can be enjoyed by the clients. It provides a reduction in stress, improved sleep patterns, as well as better the muscular structure. Nowadays female to male massages are also very popular. You can get the best female to male body massage in Bangalore.



All You Need to Know About Ikkat Sarees

Want to invest in traditional Ikat but confused about what to look for? Here is a small guide about Ikat that may help you familiarise with the fabric!

Ikat is a popular and traditional process of dying a fabric, mostly silk or cotton. The end result is a piece of cloth in beautiful patterns. Ikat is known to have originated from Orissa and is popular for Ikat sarees however there are some manufacturers selling beautiful and contemporary Ikkat dress material online. An Ikat patterns are dyed and blended into threads before weaving, this is what differs it from tie and dye process.

.Varieties of Ikat

There are mainly three commonly found varieties of Ikat:

  1. Single Ikat
  2. Combined Ikat
  3. Double Ikat

Faces Behind the Fabric

While Ikat is a very old craft, it is known to be dominated by Meher community in Orissa. One of the largest producers of Ikat, Ikat Exports Pvt Ltd. Is based in Bhubaneswar.

Present Day Scenario

Besides other countries who have started producing Ikat fabrics, in India it is prevalent in 3 major states –Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. With the craft reaching its pinnacle, the work is popularly carried out in regions like Sonepur, Sambalpur, Bargarh etc. these days, Orissa Ikat is not just popularly used in sarees but also footwear, suits and dress material. Ikkat pattu sarees available online are quite a rage among youngsters and the fabric seems to be winning the hearts of all generations.

Wearing Ikat dresses

Ikat fabric has appealedto the tastes of various Bollywood celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and many more. While the reasonable variety is commonly used as a casual wear for a lot of middle class women, the premium fabrics have a special place in Indian weddings, festivals as well as social gatherings.


For Ikat silk fabrics, a gentle hand wash or dry cleaning is suggested at the ironing should be done at a moderate heat. For cotton Ikat fabrics, one can easily wash it in machines although dry cleaning is suggested.


With the emergence of online market, there has been a lot of innovations as well as comparisons among the fabrics. Ikat from Orissa is mostly compared to PatanPatoli Ikat fabric from Gujarat. You can also purchase pochampally ikkat lehengas online which is another like of Orissa Ikat. There are various comparisons made to Ikat but the Orissa Ikat seems to have a place of its own when it comes to traditional fabrics.